The information era is evolving rapidly. Whoever stands still, loses. Because of that, I am in the process of everlasting self-education.


2008 – 2013: freelance editor at neXGam

  • Writing of articles, reviews, interviews, etc.

since 2012: freelance IndieHelper

  • QA Support
  • Programming and Debugging
  • Video production and editing
  • Photography and graphics editing
  • IT-service and web design



Programmer and maintainer of the DXX-Rebirth project – a Open Source port of Descent 1 & 2.

  • Programming in C and C++
  • Use of different libraries like SDL, OpenGL and PhysFS
  • Efficient debugging and optimization via GDB and Valgrind
  • Crossplatform development for Windows, Mac OS and Linux / *NIX-like systems
  • Development of own techniques such as UDP packet loss protection and ordering
  • Use of version control systems such as SVN, Bazaar and GIT
  • Community management and support

QA support for Tower Of Guns by Terrible Posture Games LLC

  • Bug-, performance and playability testing of Windows, Linux and Console builds

Creation of the Image video for the hotel “Haus am See”, Zittau (Germany)

  • Creation of the concept
  • Filming
  • Video editing and processing

QA support for for Sublevel Zero by Sigtrap Games

  • Bug-, performance and playability testing of Linux builds



  • Fluent in German and English
  • Years of experience with Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Extensive knowledge in creating pixel and vector graphics and non-linear video editing suites
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of PC systems
  • Conception, setup and administration of complex networks
  • Extensive knowledge of program languages C and C++

* all skills maxed out at lvl. 100

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